Opener Production Notes and Demo Recordings

I’ve posted the first of many updates to the production notes section of the site. Tonight, I added the recording history for Opener – which includes two demo tracks.

In choosing the best way to share the music, I researched a couple different options: SoundCloud and Mixcloud.  I decided to go with SoundCloud because it had upfront pricing and gave me a free plan to build off.  It also had a great plugin for WordPress that let me integrate it very easily into the existing pages on the site.

Now that I’ve picked a platform for sharing my music, I can start updating the recording history section on the production notes pages that are already online (Opener, Tour, Bright Eyed, Anyway, Pickmeup).  I also plan on posting a track review video where I discuss the songwriting and recording process for each song on the album Make Music.

Welcome to the new site

Welcome to the new and improved A Rising Force website.  I’ve decided to move to WordPress for the management of the site.  There are a few reasons that I’ve decided to do this:

  1. Easy Updates - because I come from a background in computers, I have a tendency to think big when it comes to online projects.  That usually means building the entire guts of the website from scratch.  This leads to a lot of recreating the wheel, so I’ve decided to take advantage of already built and frequently updated technology in order to focus more on the music.
  2. Sharing - I’ve decided that I want to share as much of what I’m doing as possible so that other people can copy the model for themselves.  In order to do this, I need to have a platform that everyone can use.
  3. Better - the technology that is behind WordPress is quite honestly far better than anything I could put together in my free time.  It would be foolish not to take advantage of it.

The focus at this point is still on finishing the music; however I do plan on making some updates to the site and adding features throughout the recording process.