Complete Make Music Demo Tracks Posted to SoundCloud

All thirteen demo tracks for the upcoming release – Make Music – have been posted to the A Rising Force SoundCloud Page.  Included with this release are all of the original recordings and work-in-progress demoes that were done throughout the recording process.  Each track is dated to give an idea of how the songs came together over time.  Some tracks were written in a very short span of a few weeks, while others developed over many years.  I’ve included written commentary for each track that discusses the differences from the previous takes and the goals for that particular version.

In addition to the content that has be posted to SoundCloud, I’ve also updated the A Rising Force website with production notes and music plugins:

Make Music – Lyrics and Production Notes
Pickmeup – Production Notes Page

With the release of the complete Make Music demo tracks, I’ve finished posting all of the back log of music that I’ve created during the production of Make Music.  From here on out, the focus will be on releasing the songs in a commercially available release format via iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify, and other leading music distribution services.

There is much more to come later this week – big news regarding the first official release.  Stay tuned!