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# Song Title Length Lyrics Music Video
1 Opener 2:50 [lyrics] [music] [video]
2 Tour 3:01 [lyrics] [music] [video]
3 Bright Eyed 3:50 [lyrics] [music] [video]
4 Anyway… 3:12 [lyrics] [music] [video]
5 Pickmeup 3:20 [lyrics] [music] [video]
6 Mission Accomplished!? 1:53 [lyrics] [music]
7 For All The Days My Muse Called In Sick 2:58 [lyrics] [music]
8 Song3 2:52 [lyrics] [music]
9 Despair 4:35 [lyrics] [music]
10 Change 3:29 [lyrics] [music]
11 Insight 3:55 [lyrics] [music]
12 Getting Started 4:12 [lyrics] [music]
13 Only, One 7:35 [lyrics] [music]

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