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Production Notes

# Album Length Key Time Tempo Year Written First Recording
2 Make Music 3:01 D# 4/4 106 bpm 2005 2.19.2005

Song Notes

This song is about coming to terms with the short time we have in life. I became acutely aware of just how precious time spent and good health can be when the onset of a muscular affliction caused me to begin losing muscle mass on my right side. I’ve dealt with it to this day and it continues to slowly progress, but I’ve determined to not let it dull my outlook (plus it doesn’t seem as alarming anymore, having lived with it for many years now and seen that it doesn’t detract from doing much). It’s also about reminiscing about old times and looking back to see where you made key choices on the path of life.

Recording History

Song Lyrics

Song Credits

  • Vocal Melody
  • Vocal Harmony
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drum Programming
  • Keyboard
  • MIDI Programming

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