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Production Notes

# Album Length Key Time Tempo Year Written First Recording
4 Make Music 3:12 D# 4/4 81 bpm 2005 9.4.2005

Song Notes

It’s my belief that religion has played a crucial role in establishing many of the traditions from which we currently benefit. That being said, I don’t think that it’s a fundamental requirement that a person be religious to be morally sound. I don’t treat people with respect because I’m worried about what will happen in the afterlife, I do it because it’s right and fair and I have to live up to my own standards, now. This song is about lacking faith – but at the same time – believing that we can all get along just fine without it.

Recording History

Song Lyrics

Song Credits

  • Vocal Melody
  • Vocal Harmony
  • Lead Acoustic Guitar
  • Rhythm Acoustic Guitar
  • Bass Programming
  • Percussion
    (Bongo Drum, Shaker, Wood Block)
  • Keyboard
  • MIDI Programming

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