Over 100 Followers for A Rising Force on SoundCloud

A Rising Force reached a milestone a little while back – there are now over one hundred followers (103 at the time of this writing) of A Rising Force on SoundCloud.  In just under three months, with only the demo tracks, we’ve been able to raise awareness of the band to more people than we could possibly reach in any other way.  Thank you to all of the supporters!  We look forward to releasing more music and reaching even more people – if you’re a fan, please help spread the word to your friends.

There was a slight delay in the mastering process for Opener due to some poor instruction following, but the track is finally in progress and should be completed sometime next week.  Once the band signs off on the final approval, the track will be submitted to iTunes, ideally in time for an early September release.  When there is a more concrete date for the release, it will be posted here.